What is Iron Man's suit made of?
The armour of Iron Man's suit is arguably the main component; without it we would be unable to see Tony Starks incredible creation in all its technology-bathed beauty! What materials is this thing packing?
First off, the suit isn't actually made using Iron! If it was then it would rust and be really heavy (not so good for combat and underwater tasks). In the comics, the original Mark I version of the suit, which was cave-made, probably had iron, or at least some iron components. Predictably, this impractical material has been thrown to the wayside as soon as Stark is back in the lab. Even some 5 decades ago, when Iron Man was first introduced in the comics, iron was disregarded, so just what would be Mr Stark's choice of material?
Cleverly, the scientific mastermind has worked out the perfect combination of materials to make the ideal suit. Next up is a big gun known as single-crystal titanium! Jacob Stump, an aerospace engineer and an expert stress analyst, has stated that this is an exclusively grown piece of titanium which reduces the amount of imperfections, making it superior in terms of strength when compared to other forms of titanium.

Finally, it is thought that a careful combination alloy of titanium and nickel-titanium are Stark's notable finishing touches for his magic formula. Titanium is a reliable choice, and is tried and tested, whereas the new kid on the block, in the form of nickel-titanium is strong, light – in terms of metals, has an impressive resistance to heat, AND it heals. Furthermore, nickel-titanium has the ability to be deformed at one temperature and then resume its original shape once it's been heated above what is known as its "transformation temperature." As you can imagine, this is just the kind of thing you want from your suit when it comes to repairs from various hits and bullet contact during an intergalactic skirmish!

So these are the main elements that are considered to make up the renowned red and gold armour for Avengers member, Iron Man!
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