New Color Card for US Fire Resistant Fire Fighter Embroidery Thread
US embroidery company Madeira has, in recent months, produced a new color card, that represents its popular and highly-regarded flame resistant embroidery thread, called Fire Fighter.

The color card, which will be used for heat resistant materials in the future, features windings of all 24 available colors of this 100-percent aramid embroidery thread.
Due to expanding attention paid to safety standards driving its sales, recently the manufacturer of this fire resistant embroidery thread opted to make every available colour an option in 2,734 yard cones, as well as 1,000 yard Mini Snap Cones (MSCs). Then, fourteen of the most popular of Fire Fighter's 24 colours are stocked in the U.S. were then chosen in both cones and MSCs. The remaining 10 are readily available in MSCs, with cones available through special order, Madeira confirmed.
Fire resistant embroidery thread is of keen interest to a wide variety of industries including fire and safety, motor sports, public buildings, aeronautics, transportation, not to mention the prevalence in children's and infant's wear. Madeira has taken on board the fact that the thread is vital in many sectors and therefore made Fire Fighter available in 24 colours ranging from bright electric orange to fire engine red, with the other end of the scale offering soft pastels blues and pinks. Its 100-percent aramid construction contains Nomex® fibres from DuPont®.

The Fire Fighter thread provides a high resistance to heat, as well as releasing a greatly reduced amount of toxic vapours when compared to flame resistant threads made using polyester. The consequence of Madeira's efforts to offer Fire Fighter embroidery thread so widely means it is now the go-to for those whose main emphasis is on safety, both in the US and worldwide.
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