Sewing thread is long, thin, evenly twisted, yarn or thread with special properties that allow you to use it when sewing. Sewing thread is the main material for bonding parts of clothing fabric, knitted and nonwoven fabrics, fur, leather, etc ..
Sewing threads should have
Requirements for the quality of sewing threads
High tensile strength and sufficient elasticity (to reduce breakage on sewing machines and provide the necessary strength of the seam during the operation of products);
Be uniform in thickness (also for uniform tension in the sewing machine and the formation of high-quality seam);
Have a high color resistance to the action of light weather, dry cleaning, washing;
To be heat-resistant (to exclude breakage from reflow of synthetic threads or overheating of natural and artificial threads, etc.).
Sewing thread recommendations
Regardless of whether you sew by hand or on a typewriter, for each type of work (for sweeping, for stitching lines, for finishing the product with decorative seams, etc.) different threads are used. In each case, they must be selected individually, taking into account the required strength of the seams and their purpose. General recommendations on the use of various sewing threads are given in Table 2 "Purpose of sewing threads" (see below).
To obtain high-quality stitches when sewing products, it is necessary to choose the right thread, take into account their fibrous composition and thickness.
The right choice of threads depends, first of all, on the fabric - its thickness and composition. For example, when sewing thicker materials, thicker threads are used; when sewing thinner materials, thinner threads are used. The raw material composition of the thread must also be similar to the composition of the fabric or be similar to it, as the requirements for the care of selected threads and the fabric itself must meet. The thickness of the sewing thread, in turn, serves as the basis for selecting the sewing needle of the desired diameter: the thicker the thread, the larger the needle should be.
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